Drew is Nutrition Consultant living in London, but working for companies and private clients all around the UK and Europe.

His background includes a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry (Queen Mary, Uni. of Lon.) and a Masters in Nutrition (Uni. of W. Syd.). as well as subsequent certifications include those from the NSCA (C.S.C.S.) and ACSM (H.F.I.).

For over a decade he’s worked in a variety of settings in the world from the high performance environment to walk in nutrition clinics, lectured to under and post graduate Human Nutrition and Dietetics students, delivered the Biochemistry and Endocrine Physiology content on Nutritional Therapies Bachelors courses.

Working with companies and entrepreneurs  he’s been centrally involved in a range of activities including the role out of multinational product lines, new product development, large PR driven projects and ensuring that companies are on the right side of the legislation concerning packaging and product health claims for their products.

In one-to-one clinics and small group sessions drew has helped thousands of clients improve their health and fitness and streamline their diet and nutrition practices at home and work. Similarly in talks and seminars Drew has presented on a variety of topics, from the science behind the headlines to the very practical elements of diet and nutrition provision.

Drew is also a writer and published author. He’s a columnist for Men’s Fitness magazine and a regular contributor to titles such  as Men’s Health and Women’s Health as well as national newspapers. In 2013 he was commissioned by Vermilion (one of the imprints of Penguin Random House) to write The DODO Diet, based on his experiences of the upsides ad downsides of intermittent fasting.

Before working in nutrition Drew spent five years working in corporate investment banking in the City of London, this has given him a unique perspective with regards to the everyday problems faced by both individuals and companies in terms of pressures on time and resources. This real-world experience has shaped much of how he works both in clinic and the wider consulting work.

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