Filming Project

Being a nutritionist often entails working in different ways to get the nutrition message out. This week I have been filming with a company, using recipes put together by myself and Chef Pete Cookson (well, mostly by Pete), and filing them over three days.


Pete hard at work between takes

The format was similar to Saturday Kitchen with Pete doing most of the skilled work whilst I added nuggets of nutrition info here and there.

IMG_20170821_124446055_HDR (1)We tried to cover the bases looking at generally high protein meals – as high protein suits just about every goal – and using a wide variety of ways to get more vegetables into the dishes, making them delicious even for those that don’t really like veg.

I learned loads from Pete, the real takeaways were the correct ways of cooking protein foods (he tended to start them in the pan and finish them in the oven), and that adding just a little flourish, like some roasted cashews on top of a soup can really transform the dish.

Butnut n sweet pot

Thai spiced chicken, butternut and squash soup with spiced roasted cashews

Egg skillet

Egg skillet with chorizo, red onion and sweet potato

The final films should be in circulation sometime in December.

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