Here’s a selection of testimonials from clients who I’ve worked with:


“Having worked with Drew in two high performance environments, namely Football and Rugby. I have been very impressed by his ability to engage with a number of diverse individuals and influence not only their nutrition behaviours, but improve their lifestyle too. 

Drew’s knowledge, passion and attention to detail are envious, but more importantly, he cares about people. He’s an outstanding practitioner.”

John Noonan BSc, ASCC, GB Snow and Ski fitness coach, Strength and conditioning coach Leeds RFU S&C, Leeds Rhinos and Chelsea Football Club


“I’ve worked with Drew for several years and, not only is he extremely knowledgeable in the subject of nutrition science, but the way in which he imparts this information is clear and easy for everyone to understand. 

Drew has worked with hundreds of clients who have improved their lives through good nutrition learned from him.”

James Collier BSc (Hons) RNutr, Consultant Nutritionist, Owner of Healthy Action Nutrition Consultancy, developer of Huel and ex State Registered Dietician


“Drew has a great understanding of both the theory and the coaching elements involved in nutrition support for elite athletes, and I have always found him to be professional and thorough in his work.”

Nick Broad MSc, Head of Performance Chelsea F.C., Paris Saint-Germain F.C.


“I’ve worked closely with Drew on a number of projects in the areas of health food, fitness and lifestyle. His passion for both the science of nutrition and the practical aspects of food provision shows inn the wide range of services he’s able to supply.

Whether it be menu design, nutritional analysis, working with clients with special dietary needs, or giving education and guidance to PT’s, trainers and Chefs, I’ve always found Drew to be thorough, inspirational and easy to work with.”

Pete Cookson, Founder and Head Chef at PaleoChef Ltd, former Head Chef No1 Bootcamps, former Chef at Oxo Tower, London

In addition the corporate and high performance environment work there’s the clinical work, where I also sometimes prescribe exercise as well , here’s feed back from a couple  of clients

“As a qualified doctor I found Drew’s depth of knowledge of nutrition and health excellent. His consultation style both friendly and thorough and his understanding of both the science and practice of diet and nutrition means the advice is suitable, effective and practical”

Dr Clare Agathou, General Practice Registrar


“Ok, so I finally got my act together on the 14th September. Since then I’ve used your diet plans and routines as a base and have dropped 75lb. Who’d have thought a healthy diet and some exercise is “all” it would take! My diet is really comfortable now and I’m starting to focus/care more about the exercise; I’ve hit a point where I want to lose weight in order to workout better, rather than the other way around.

I’m looking forward to the next 6 months, 12 months and the rest of my life. Chalk up +1 person whose life you’ve changed. Thanks.



“Many thanks, I cant believe how much I’ve spent on Chiropractors and sports therapists, and the solution was here all along.”


And some praise for the book The DODO Diet (more on Amazon)

With the excess of Christmas requiring radical attention, this year I am going to adopt the Dodo philosophy. Having tried many diets in the past this one has certainly grabbed my attention. The authour (sic) approaches the ideas in the book with decent observations and scientific reasoning. So many books just state, “eat less pies and go running”, this tells you why and guides you through it! The book is a decent size too, at 300+ pages it’s a mine of information, techniques, recipes, and lifestyle advice, all at less than a tenner. Very impressed.


I have never managed to read a whole diet book let alone follow it! I really enjoyed reading this. It was straight talking, factual, sensible and funny. My husband and I are four weeks in to following this and both have lost nearly a stone. If I’m ever feeling a bit lacking in resolve I read a few pages of the book and feel motivated again. I also feel like I could carry on following this for a long time. The first two weeks were a little tough (it was just after the Xmas excesses) but now I’m finding it relatively easy. Great stuff!

Emma Kennard

As a Personal Trainer I read a lot on I am always looking for practical examples of how I can use nutritional science to help all of my clients. Aside from a very easy reading style Drew has given countless easy to use tips on how to eat well and achieve great results whatever your goals are. For me by far the most useful part of the book as dedicated to adherence to eating well. In my experience its not the eating of good foods that is challenging, rather the maintenance. Drew has addressed this fully.


This book makes you think differently about how you take in and use what you’re eating. I’m a regular trainer and play rugby, yet have found the fasting days easy to fit into my schedule, and far easier to stick to than any calorie or other control diet that you have to follow every day. The results have been good with a slow and gradual fat loss without any loss of strength or energy.

I’ve been surprised about how do-able the days off are. I’ve always had issues with hypoglycaemia when not eating regularly (every 3hours), but I’m not finding it as big an issue as I’d thought, on days off, but also on days on too. I’m sure the fasting has helped my body to adapt to longer periods between meals in general.

Dave, Yorkshire