Best of the Web: Nutrition & Fitness round-up March

Super soldier athletes? Harmful probiotics? Vegan tough guys?

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super soldier

What’s trending:

Sharapova and the Super soldiers: Failing a doping test tends to look worse when the drug you’re taking was designed to produce super soldiers. Here’s nice little WIRED magazine piece on just that.

Vegan Vs Meat Eaters (again)

Round One: Vegan Beat-Down: With the loss of fan-favourite Conor McGregor to raw-vegan athlete Nate Diaz in the hugely hyped UFC 196 vegan diets are back in focus. So are they better for your health and performance?
For a balanced, experience and science driven discussion you can’t go wrong with this experts round-table – loads of tips, tricks and quality info if you’re thinking about it, here at Precision Nutrition  And, vegan strength coach Mike Mahler shows us a vegan performance diet at

– Round Two: But …Meat eating made us human: On the flip side, the heavily meat rich diet of our ancestors has had a lot of press recently. Most notably this article in TIME 

Infographic of the Fortnight: Get Your Hydration Right

The 14th sees the start of international Nutrition & Hydration Week. With that in mind, I’m sure you’ve been told some crazy numbers in the past, so how much should you really be drinking? Here’s a great infographic that should answer all your questions courtesy of UPMC

hydration-101-infographic-sports-med EDIT CROP

Training Article of the Fortnight: Lifter’s Guide To Sprinting

Many ignore sprints, but they’re an incredibly powerful tool for improving power, work capacity [read: ability to work hard] and also drop fat, fast. That said, there’s a right and wrong way to use them, here’s everything you need to get started at

Nutrition Article of the Fortnight: Probiotic Supplements: Are They Doing You
More Harm Than Good?

A long article on probiotics, probiotic supplements and the potential problems. I’m not completely sold on all the arguments, but there’s a good deal of sensible actionable info, here at Darwin Medicine

Stand out Research of the Fortnight:

The impossible dream? Research by Prof Stuart Phillips and team shows that with enough protein and the proper training routine you can gain significant amounts of muscle and lose fat at the same time. The paper has finally been published, find it at the AJCN

Growing old disgracefully? A long term study in older adults shows the significant link between strength training and reductions in all cause mortality, abstract at PubMed.

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Drew Price is a Registered Nutritionist, industry consultant, clinician, lecturer and writer. He holds a Masters in Nutrition, a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and has received certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach) and the American College of Sports Medicine (Health & Fitness Instructor – Adv’d).

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