PR projects and looking after athletes

How do you test a bunch of world class athletes to see which one is the fittest all round? More importantly, how do you do it without breaking any of them!?

MP Fitness test

So, here’s an example of a fun project I did for a corporate client. I often work with both the client company and the PR agency, and in this case the brief for the PR agency was simple: use our athletes for a fun, informative video, but don’t hurt them, which is where I came in.

Here I was tasked with building the competition, the scoring, writing voice-over scripts and most importantly keeping the competition safe for athletes who had a broad range of skills and experience and who were in different stages of competition or pre season training.

This meant juggling the needs of the athletes, their sponsors, the PR company and Men’s Fitness magazine who would be picking up a lot of the coverage, and delivering it all in a way that could be filmed.

Check out the video below and the coverage at Men’s Fitness and the Daily Express.






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